Did you ever have to take part of a writing exercise where someone starts the story and passes it on. Then the next person adds to the story and changes it slightly…etc?

Ever think about what would happen if you did that with a video series?

I introduce you to The Experiment: WIP.

This project is truly an experiment. No written scripts, no set story. Each core creator is invited to film a video that adds to the story that was originally created. As in the real world, each person alters the story slightly based upon their view, their experience, and their character. The world truly forms with each new post. In addition to that, each character has their personal website that they can choose to add to at anytime to round out their character. A truly expanding experience.

We encourage viewers to add in by responding to the videos. At random, based upon the developing story, we will select viewers to begin adding to the story. These individuals will be selected based upon their videos, the story they create, and the willingness to participate. There are a set of rules that the core players must abide by; however, creatively, they are free to develop the world.

The story arc began when Dr. Constance activated the SHIFT project. The story evolves to show what happens to the lives it has affected.

The YouTube Site: The Experiment: WIP

The blog that keeps everything in order, to help viewers follow the world of The Experiment: A Work in Progress

To start from the beginning: The Experiment.


3 Responses to About

  1. docwho2100 says:

    liking what is happening so far!!

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  3. Patrick, This is a wonderful idea and I love how it is starting to come together. You have definitely started to help me out of my artistic block I’ve had lately.

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