Season Break

From a director:

As you know, most of our actors are either college students or teachers.  We have come to a busy part of the school year and as school and work must be a priority in our lives, we are taking a break from filming for a bit.

Thanks for watching our little webseries.   For something we started as a way of just having some fun and stress relief, I am surprised at how far it has come.


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A Message

I am only trying to help.

- Peta

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Help Me Please!!

I can’t figure out what is going on in Travis’ head! I need some help figuring out what is going on!

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Dreaming Alone

Too many visions for me to stay at home. I had to get out, though I could use all the help I can get.


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A Response to PetaEAHCF


So you finally decide to reveal yourself. We need to talk, but you seem be ignoring my communications recently….

Be careful of what you say, I’d hate to see you regret it…


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Heed what I have to say

- Peta

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Hoping to Discover

I’m not giving up on this. I don’t care where I stand in all of this, I’m going to find out what I need.


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